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A Tolkien and LOTRO fansite by Whiteberry of Laurelin. 

This Site

Tales of Arda is a Tolkien and Lord of the Rings Online fan site and resource for other enthusiasts like myself. The site contains galleries for cosmetics, mounts, housing decorations and guides, quizzes, comics and more. You can also find my Completionist Tracker and Deed Location Maps here.

Some of the illustrations I use are by the amazing Canadian Tolkien illustrator Ted Nasmith and are copyrighted and used with his permission. He has, among many other things, illustrated Tolkien calendars, editions of The Silmarillion and The Complete Guide to Middle-earth and recently some of George R. R. Martin’s work (Game of Thrones).

The drawing of Berry was made by the talented Brazilian artist E.D. Siffert. She has also made the drawing I use as intro in my Lotro videos. The copyrighted font used a few places on the site is called Tolkienesque, created by Mike Afford. I am using WordPress on my own domain as CMS.

My Characters (Laurelin Server)

Whiteberry - Hobbit Minstrel and my main character in-game. She loves telling stories and is the main in-game writer.
Amaryllis - Hobbit Hunter and full-time slacker. She’s the main expert on festivals and shopping.
Magnolia - Hobbit Guardian and master cook. Expert on house decorations and all things edible.
Maja -  Hobbit Burglar who knows everything about armours and crafting.
Helna - Woman Captain and master of weapons. Also has an outfit weakness.
Waldawyn - Woman Lore-master and expert on reputation and traits.
Myk - Dwarf Rune-keeper and expert on ale & wine and jewelry.
Mym - Dwarf Champion and extremely full of himself. I have yet to find his expertise…
Qanna - My Elven Warden of Shame who hasn’t worked a day in her life and levelled to max through task items alone.
Miniberry - My Whiteberry clone on the Landroval server for event purposes.

Thank You

Thank you to the many tall and short folks who have helped me put together the information and images for my projects on this site. A special thank you to my kin mates and friends Reimou and Laurentius, who have been incredibly helpful for years (and possibly as crazy completionists as myself) with the Completionist Tracker and Galleries in particular.

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Quick Post

I’m always interested in getting feedback, ideas for improvements and comments on my site and projects. Send me  a message below if you have any.