This is a Wish List for LOTRO things I and others would like to see. It is composed of a mix of my own suggestions, submitted suggestions and ones I have found interesting from the LOTRO Forums, Twitter or in-game. It’s all about the fluff and small things that could enhance the game experience.

Feel free to send your own suggestions at the bottom of the page and I’ll add them if I agree, but no whining and ‘fix the lag’ type of suggestions, please. Don’t bother sending your guesses on why certain suggestions are not possible of one reason or another either; It’s a Wish List.

Characters, UI & Interactions

Character Hairstyles like NPCs

Selectable Hairstyles like NPCs (e.g. from Bree).

Ability to have ginger hair, like Tauriel! [Suggested by Erisdes]

Festival Hairstyles

The ability to unlock hair and beard styles during festivals that fit the festive theme. [Suggested by Ferawyn]

More Barber Customization

Adding the option to change skin tone, weight, and possibly even face shape, for those times where you didn’t quite realise how wonky that nose really was! [Suggested by Ferawyn]

Raise/Remove Friend/Ignore Limits

50 just aren’t enough!

Raise Limit of Characters per Server

Ability to buy more character slots per server.

One Free Char Copy

This would be excellent for making a copy of your character to an event server. [Suggested by Braxwolf]

More Facial Customization

Faces - we need more individuality - it’s spooky how everyone looks the same. [Suggested by Kazren]

Character Selection Screen

Ability to sort characters by name, most played & level. [From LOTRO Forums]

More Main Quickslot Bars

We currently have 3 (one main, one use for mounted combat and one free). We need at least 5!

Dance Mentoring

The ability to teach others the different dances once you have learned it. Possibly limited to only teaching the racial dance of your own race.

New Culture-type Class

A class that uses smarts and cunning rather than weapons to outwit or influence enemies to fight for him. [Suggested by Jhonathan]

Cosmetics & Dyes

Second Dye Option

Ability to double-dye cosmetic items (those areas on cosmetics that can be dyed now, and those that currently can’t).

Hood on/off Toggle

Ability to toggle a hood on/off in stead of two different cosmetics.

Homestead-only Cosmetics

Cosmetics that could only be worn in the homesteads. Like night gowns, slippers and dressing gowns.

Unique Kinship Crests/Emblems

Ability to choose a server-unique crest/emblem to put on hauberks/shields/cloaks.

Dyable Shields

Ability to dye shields.

Weapon Glow

Ability to toggle glow on/off on weapons who have glow.

Weapon Cosmetics

Ability to use cosmetic weapons. [Suggested by Avadal]

More Basic Cosmetics

More everyday wear like the ones Bree and Maur Tulhau NPCs have.

Mannequin Cosmetics

A back room in Lalia’s Market where you can buy the previous months’ mannequin sets.

More Colour + Silver as Base Colour

More colour + silver cosmetic or armour pieces - I get fed up with gold or brown being the off accent (undyeable part). [Suggested by Eldaeriel]

Dirty Clothing

I would like to see dirty clothing. I.e. after 2 weeks of adventuring I don’t want my character to look like their clothing is brand new! [Suggested by TSU]

Naming Cosmetic Sets

Ability to name your custom cosmetic sets and save the combination in Wardrobes.

Dyable Preorder Cosmetics

All preorder cosmetics made dyeable, including the older ones. [Suggested by Rainothon]

Quiver & Cloak at the same time

Ability to wear quiver and cloak at the same time, as Legolas did in the movies! [Suggested by Erisdes]


. [Suggested by Rainothon]

Currency & Storage

Destiny Points to Mithril Coins

Ability to buy Mithril Coins with Destiny Points.

Shared Gold

Make gold/silver/copper shared in the Wallet - alternatively the ability to place it in Shared Vault.

Dedicated Shared Crafting Vault/Bag

With increasing crafting tiers, an dedicated vault or bag for crafting materials would be well-received!

Extra Bag for Class Consumables

Some classes have more consumables to carry around than others and a Class Bag would be very useful to most.

Viewing Global Inventories/Vaults

Ability to view the inventory, vault & wallets of other characters on your account.

Mithril Coin Lock

Ability to toggle a lock on spending Mithril Coins, so that you don’t accidentally use them e.g. when travelling.

Wardrobe Space

Double the current max wardrobe space! [Suggested by Helena]

Vault Tabs

More sorting tabs in Vaults. [From LOTRO Forums]

Permanent Remote Vault Access

Ability to buy permanent remove vault access in the LOTRO Store. [From LOTRO Forums]

More Vault NPCs

Vault NPC is Ost Guruth, maybe even in all crafting areas. [Suggested by Lasswen]


Festival Maps

Ability to earn / barter for festival maps to travel to the four festival areas.

Daily Quest Resets

Change those quests which have 24-hour resets from you do them to be reset on server resets in stead.

Custom Portraits

Custom Portraits from all Festivals, not just from Yule.

More Racial Dances

We have 2 dances from each festival area. We would like more, please!

A Game of Hobnanigans

Please fix this event and let us chicken around again.

Dresses and Headpieces

The return of dresses to the selection of festival cosmetics and more seasonal headpieces/circlets. [Suggested by Lasswen]

Permanent Horse Races

Year-round Horse races (a daily) simply for silver & XP. [Suggested by Kazren]

Battle of Greenfield Reinactment Event

Implementing a fun instance of Battle of Greenfield with pie launchers to celebrate once a year. [Suggested by Flosiin]

Hobbies & Crafting

Combined Material Tracking

One node tracking skill for each profession. Tracks all harvestable nodes for your profession, shows up on mini map as different icons. [Suggested by Caleb]

Mounted Node Gathering

Either for free or with TP, let players gather crafting nodes on all mounts anywhere, but maybe make it take 1.5x as long as normal. [Suggested by Jordan]

Single-use Recipes

Ability to learn single-use recipes multiple times and it would just add to the number of uses we had left. [Suggested by Noctavia]

Additional Hobbies

Countless have been suggested on the LOTRO Forums. My favorites:

Archaeology (Digging for relics from earlier ages)

Book Collecting (Finding books around Middle-earth)

Butterfly Collecting (Collecting butterflies and trophies of them)

Cartography (Mapping MIddle-earth. Perhaps as a percentage of areas you have uncovered per zone).

Herbalism (Collecting herbs and plants for your garden)

Mushroom Spotting (Yay!)

Sculpting (Making sculptures out of wood/ore)

Music Theory (Learning different songs that you can then play with a command)

Treasure Hunting (or Coin Collecting)

Brewing/Winemaking (remove brewing from Cooks and make it a hobby)


Mistletoe Back

The Mistletoe housing decoration was once available in the game and we would like it back!

Housing Market

A Market similar to Lalia’s Market, but with housing decorations.

Bound to Account Decorations

Many of the housing items are Bound on Acquire, such as the Store Property Guards and quest rewards, which could easily be Bound to Account in stead.

Housing Stable

Stable decoration for your homestead house. Preferably where you can actually place your mount in.

BoAcc Items in House Chests

Ability to place Bound on Account items in house chests. [Suggested by Lal]
Implemented! (Helm’s Deep Expansion 2013)

Crafting Areas in Homesteads

I would like to see some crafting areas in the Homesteads. [Suggested by Celkat]

More Best Housing Events

After the reset/foreclosure of housing areas and after the update, we would like to see more ‘Best House in the Neighborhood’ events.

Mini Hooks for Surfaces

Eg a table with mini hooks for items like books or gems so that my housing environment becomes more vivid & related to my char’s activities. [Suggested by Eleni]

Wardrobe in House

How about a wardrobe (furniture in house), so we can store clothes in it. It works quite well in the real world why not in LOTRO? [Suggested by TSU]

Housing Pets

An item like a fish or dog bone that spawns a household pet! [Suggested by Ritelgold] (perhaps similar to the Pesky Dormouse?)

Mail Permission

Ability to set who can use the mailbox in permissions. [From LOTRO Forums]

Kinship Neighborhood

Ability for a kinship to buy a complete neighborhood and then assign houses. [From LOTRO Forums]

Homestead Quests

Ex: Quick Post, Horse race, Plant trees, Visit your kin hall, etc.


Ex: Visit each plot in your neighbourhood, Get x number of visitors, Add x number of unique trophies to house, Use transportation kegs x times, etc.

Homestead Games

Such as implementing the tag game from Bree fields to the homestead, or a hide-and-seek game, chicken play (A Game of Hobnanigans). Festival-inspired games would be fun all-year in the Homesteads.


Make it possible for visitors to write a note in a guestbook - alternatively just to sign their name

Visitor Counter

Could be combined with Guestbook

Wall of Accomplishments

A plaque on the wall that, when clicked, shows the number of deeds/quests/titles or similar accomplished by the owner. Should be customizable which part/char you would like to show.

Mail, Mounts & Travel

War-steed Outfits for Reputation Mounts

As the title says: Corresponding War-steed outfits for reputation mounts.

Swift Routes

We would like swift Routes to Hobbiton, Stock and the Forsaken Inn!

Post Marks

Mail comes with postmarks (to show us what town it was sent from). [Suggested by Kazren]

More Objects in Mail

Mail holds more than one object at a time. [Suggested by Kazren]

Temporary Server Travel

It’d be cool if you could have a travel option. Like, only your toon and maybe 1 bag travel with you to another server temporarily. [Suggested by Avadal]

Music System


At the very least, LOTRO needs a fiddle! [Suggested by Lina]

I’d love a Nyckelharpa or Hardanger fiddle instrument to play! These instruments are notoriously difficult to sample, due to their sympathetic strings, but I bet a brilliant sound engineer could do it and adapt it for LOTRO. [Suggested by Fredelas]

New Instrument Samples

LOTRO’s current music instruments are out of tune with each other (and sometimes with themselves, when comparing low to high registers). New instrument samples would be a grand enhancement for the music scene! [Suggested by Lina]


I’d like to see the harmonica (mouth version) in game.

Hand Claps

Hand claps that can be programmed in ABC files for use in songs. I can’t think how it might become an ‘instrument’ to equip, but it could be another skill that all classes have along with lute. [Suggested by Lasswen]

Quests, Instances & NPCs

More Legendary Vendors

Legendary vendors in more main hubs like Esteldin (because we are there so often crafting), Gath Forthnir (we get sent there several times in Epic lines), and most importantly, in our housing areas! Alternatively in all Skirmish Camps. [Suggested by Celkat]

Disable Tasks in Quest Tracker

Ability in options to disable tasks from being added to the Quest Tracker.

Ranger Quests

The Ranger quests that used to be during welcome back weeks were fun. Please bring them back.

Angmar Instance Scaling

I would really love to see scaling of the ‘old’ Angmar instances: Rift, Carn Dûm, Urugarth and Barad Gúlaran.

Mapmaker in Lalia’s Market

Mapmaker who sells maps for Mithril Coins (like the ones you buy in the LOTRO Store). [From LOTRO Forums]

Task Items

Make the remaining trash items into task items and implement task boards in the zones that miss them (Lothlórien, Mirkwood, Enedwaith).


Lootbox Content

Change loot-tables of lootboxes more often.

Single-click Reputation Stacks

Ability to use a full stack of reputation items in stead of having to click through all of them.

Multi-using IXP runes

Ability to use stacks of IXP runes for a combined IXP addition in stead of one-by-one.

Smarter Monsters

Better smarter monsters who run away to get friends and come back with an army. Now adventurers need to run away! [Suggested by TSU]

Bulk-adding IXP

Ability to add a stack of IXPs to legendary weapons in stead of one by one.

Auction Window Clear Search

Button to clear search/filter fields in AH window. [From LOTRO Forums]

Cosmetic Pets

You can buy (or be taught by an LM) to summon your own cosmetic pet. [From LOTRO Forums]

More Kinship Leaders

More leaders! We think there should be a triumvirate at the helm, either a leader and two deputies, or three leaders of equal standing. [Suggested by Saedhillian, Eagles of Thorondor]

Kinship Badges of Honour

One of our kin is amazing at helping the rest of us level up, protecting us in tough quests and generally being an awesome guy. He deserves his heroism to be recognised, so it would be cool to have a system that allows that. [Suggested by Saedhillian, Eagles of Thorondor]

Suggest a Fluffy Wish!