Here’s an overview of my favorite plugins for lotro. Plugins are add-on programs installed separately of Lotro, which can help with various tasks and combat in-game. They are usually easy to install as long as you follow the guides.

All of them can be found on

BuffBars by Pengoros


Shows pots for removals & health/power along with a overview of buffs/debuffs. Very useful in raids where you need to remove stuff instantly.

“This plugin provides a bar view(icon, name, timer) or slider view(all effects on one bar) of buffs, debuffs, and pot cooldowns you have on your character. It also includes a dynamic quickslot bar that will popup when curable debuffs or low morale/power conditions exist on you character to enable you to quickly clear the effect.”

Tonicbars by NuclearTonic


Let’s you add as many extra quickbars as you like. Very handy.

“The concept is a Bar (quickbar) manager. It will allow you to create Bars and manage different attributes for them. To compliment traditional bars, is a new concept called Extensions. The idea though is that you select a quickslot on your main bar you want to extend. You then indicate which direction you want this bar to extend into. There is a list of predefined configurations such as: Hunter Travel, Warden Travel, LM Combat Pets, LM Cosmetic Pets, and many more.”

Mouse Cursor Highlighter by Fortunis


Lets you enhance your mouse so it’s easier to spot. Very useful to a clicker like me.

“Ever died all because you couldnt see where the mouse pointer was and unable to hit the potion or other icon needed to save you?. Are you a healer and sometimes miss healing someone because youve lost sight of the mouse cursor? Do you have any sight problems and you have trouble seeing where the mouse cursor/pointer is at the best of times? Well this plugin can help remove the frustration of this.”

LoTRO Alerts by Garan


Triggers a text on your screen by a predefined word/chat/event. Especially been useful to me in Steamworks T2 when you have to run away when the boss says “Shock [name]” and only have a second to do it, but very useful both in and out of raids.

“Ever get blown-up while wandering in stealth just to realize you missed the tracking warning? Ever have some stray arrow break your stun/daze/mez on a critical NPC and not know who to rant at, er I mean provide constructive criticism too? Well, never miss an important message just because it’s burried in a rapidly scrolling mountain of chat. Welcome to Alerter.”

Combat Analysis by Evendale


A detailed overview of how well you do in fights with average dps, max heals, etc. etc.

“View your Damage Dealt, Damage Taken, Outgoing & Incoming Healing and Power Restore information in game in real time. View information about how long buffs were kept up on you and how long you kept debuffs on mobs. See a breakdown of per skill information and a wide range of combat statistics.”

MinstrelBuff by Melida


Shows anthems running in FS. Extremely useful for minstrels to keep track of what anthems are running and for how long – and if you are 2 minstrels in the same FS, it shows the other minstrel’s anthems too, so you don’t play the same.

“This plugin is for minstrels. Since ROI they can hold ballads and anthems active, while in combat. The plugin shows a window with three active ballads and up to six active anthems.”

LowWarn by MrJackdaw/patch by Nimryeth


Makes my screen edges red or blue when I get low on health or power. So easy to forget to look at your own health as a minstrel, but I never miss it with this one.

“When Morale or Power is below 50% the plugin slowly fades in a “haze” at the bottom of the screen to warn you of impending doom!”

KikiInventory by Kiki


I have become addicted to this one where I can see what my alts have in their inventory, vaults, wallets, etc. Saves me a lot of relogging.

“This plugin is a tool to display & search inventories of your rerolls.”

Daily Tasks by Vinny


A great way to keep track of task items and where you can turn in what.

“Daily Tasks has a database of all known Task Bulletin Boards and the Tasks that they contain. It can not only list these, but can also check your inventory for trophy items and show which items can be turned in to complete tasks (and if one of your alts can use it).”