This is a guide to a few helpful combat options to consider, if you haven’t already. They are found in-game in Options/Combat Options.

”Show Target’s Target”

is great for Minstrels and many other classes. It shows what your current target has selected with a ground circle (like your own target) and a vitality bar (if you choose that in options as well “Show the vitals of your selections target”). It is very useful to see, what your target is currently fighting and how long the fight will last.

“Target Forwarding”

is excellent for Minstrels and probably others as well. If you have a Guardian selected, you can play your tiered ballads through him towards his target – never deselecting the Guardian, but damaging his target. It makes life a lot easier with heals/ballads and helps on your threat reduction – and you’ll reduce the chance that you break dazes/stuns, etc. It also works the other way – if you have a mob targeted and you throw a heal, it will heal the target of the mob.

“Directional Selection Indicator” 

is essential in raids and in huge fights in Ettenmoors and very useful in general for all classes. It shows in which direction your current target is – and how far away they are. This is a very easy way to find people who needs heals/resurrections or find items for quests. The line is colour coded depending on what you have selected. For items, use the delete button (default) to select nearest object and the indicator will show the direction. This is also useful when searching for nodes/wood or quest items. When selected, you can hit the “u” key to use (ie taking the object).

“Selection Vital Display”

is located under UI Settings and will show a morale and power bare below your target’s name. It’s useful if you tend to look more at the fights than the FS windows.